Funded on
April 2017
BridgeSat is developing an optical communications network that offers secure delivery of big data from low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites at faster speeds and a lower cost than traditional radio frequency solutions.


  • Fast: Data-center speeds will lead to the proliferation of high-value, high-data applications and service; 10 Gbps data rates offer satellites over 2 TB of data downlink per day
  • Reliable: Global optical ground network eliminated spectrum issues and provides low-latency data delivery
  • Affordable: By subsidizing satellite hardware and reducing costs of data services, the barrier to entry for new customers will plummet, allowing BridgeSat to capture recurring service contracts


  • Bridgesat complements Space Angels’ existing optical communications portfolio company and provides greater coverage of this extremely large and growing market opportunity.
  • Significant market traction with diverse customers including incumbent and new space companies, as well as government agencies and classified customers.


Matt Thoms
General Manager
David Mitlyng
SVP Business Development & Strategy
Joseph Campagna
SVP Operations
Rizwan Parvez
VP Systems Development & Integration