Funded on
May 2017
ICEYE is developing a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) remote sensing solution, allowing real-time access to imagery without the limits of traditional optical sensors.


  • ICEYE is developing a SAR remote sensing platform that can provide imagery under cloud cover, inclement weather, and darkness addressing the reality that 75% of the time, traditional remote sensing systems are unable to provide imagery data due to clouds or lack of daylight.
  • ICEYE plans to launch three satellites this year followed by a larger constellation next year.
  • Enables data-driven decision making capabilities for many industries including oil & gas, maritime, logistics, and insurance.


  • Significant market traction including contracts with Exxon and various government agencies.
  • Many competitive advantages including frequent re-visit rates, a lower price point, and data analytics offerings.
  • Attractive exit opportunities from multiple players in many different industries including European and US defense contractors, satellite service providers, energy companies, and remote sensing companies.


Rafal Modrzewski
Pekka Laurila