Funded on
September 2017
Industrials & Logistics
 NanoRacks is the leading commercial provider of hardware and services in low-Earth orbit for microgravity research and space station utilization.


  • NanoRacks currently manages and operates microgravity research platforms and satellite deployment platforms onboard the International Space Station.
  • NanoRacks is currently building the first commercial Airlock onboard the International Space Station in a partnership with Boeing.
  • DreamUp, a sister company of NanoRacks, provides space-based educational and media services to students and entrepreneurs. DreamUp has partnered with Blue Origin to fly student payloads in suborbital space on New Shepard.


  • Long term vision: NanoRacks’ long-term vision is to build and operate commercial space stations. The company has partnered with United Launch Alliance and Space Systems Loral to repurpose upper stages of rockets into habitable space station components.  
  • Significant customer traction: NanoRacks has flown over 500 payloads to the ISS and has completed many contracts with established companies such as Planet, Virgin Galactic, Spire, SpaceFlight, Surrey Satellites, Ardusat, and Blue Origin.
  • Experienced management team with over 140 years of combined experience in the space industry.


Jeffrey Manber
Mike Lewis
Chris Cummins
Chief of Commerce
Richard Pournelle
SVP Business Development
Richard Gruver