Planetary Resources

Funded on
March 2016
Industrials & Logistics
Backed by both private capital investments and international government funding, Planetary Resources has emerged as an industry-defining space mining company. The company has a stated long-term goal to "expand Earth's natural resource base" by developing and deploying the technologies for asteroid mining.

Innovative Ideas

  • Planetary Resources’ Arkyd prospecting spacecraft are small, agile, and on track to launch in 2017.
  • The company’s proprietary remote sensing technology employs a wide spectral range to determine the composition and other characteristics of asteroids.
  • Planetary Resources is developing a unique, modular control system that enables a high level of reliability and flexibility in their spacecraft.

Big Potential

  • Asteroid mining is a huge long-term market opportunity––the industry is projected to be worth trillions of dollars in the years to come.
  • Near-term, Planetary Resources will apply the same sensor technologies they’re developing for prospecting asteroids to serve data and information needs for a number of terrestrial markets.
  • Planetary Resources was instrumental in the effort which led to the passage of the U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act—these Obama-era regulations allow commercial space ventures to profit from resources extracted from celestial bodies.


Chris Lewicki
President & CEO
Chris Voorhees
COO & Chief Engineer
Eric Anderson
Peter Diamandis