Commercial Lunar Ambitions
The Space Angels podcast |
September 12, 2017

Commercial Lunar Ambitions

In our inaugural episode, Commercial Lunar Ambitions, Chad Anderson interviews John Thornton, CEO of Astrobotic—one of the most influential leaders in the entrepreneurial space sector, and who is currently planning the world’s first commercial mission to the moon in 2019. We also commemorate the 55 year anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's Moon Speech given at Rice University in Houston Texas.

Show Notes

  • The race to the moon is underway as Astrobotic raises $2.5 million. Learn More
  • Astrobotic announces partnerships with Airbus Defence & Space as well as DHL to support lunar lander dev. Learn More
  • Moon delivery service Astrobotic has a rocket for its first mission. Learn More
  • NASA preparing call for proposals for commercial lunar landers. Learn More
  • Space Angels provides unparalleled access to the best space startups. Now closing our seventh investment in 2017, with two new investment opportunities launching next week, there has never been a better time to invest in space startups. 


There is serious financial upside to space investing, and commercial space is inspiring a new generation of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. Your investment will be instrumental in making this happen. The fact is that space angels are investing in innovative ventures that will help launch humanity’s storyline off-planet.

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