The Year of Small Launch
The Space Angels podcast |
November 3, 2017

The Year of Small Launch

Increased access to space has lowered the barriers to entry, ushering in a new wave of entrepreneurial space ventures. With companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin addressing the heavy lift segment of the launch market, companies like Vector Launch are addressing the burgeoning market for small satellites. Vector is now on track to begin commercial flights of their Vector-R vehicle next year and in this episode, we interview Jim Cantrell, the company’s CEO, and we ask him about his plans to provide affordable and reliable access to space through their family of small launch vehicles.

Show Notes

  • Vector Space Systems Receives Additional $1.25M in Seed Funding Led by Space Angels. learn more
  • Vector Space Systems raises $21 million to build smaller, cheaper rockets. learn more
  • Space startup Vector will launch three tiny rockets to orbit from Virginia next year. learn more
  • Space Angels provides unparalleled access to the best space startups - NanoRacks is just one of many great examples. With many more compelling space investment opportunities in our pipeline, there has never been a better time to invest in space startups.


There is serious financial upside to space investing, and commercial space is inspiring a new generation of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. Your investment will be instrumental in making this happen. The fact is that space angels are investing in innovative ventures that will help launch humanity’s storyline off-planet.

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