Lots in Space
The Space Angels podcast |
April 2, 2019

Lots in Space

With the number of satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) projected to swell to up to 15,000 in the next five years, space situational awareness and debris mitigation have become a much-discussed topic in the last year. In this episode of the Space Angels Podcast, we talk to Dan Ceperly, CEO of LeoLabs, whose mission is to ensure safe commercial operations in LEO. The Space Angels and Space Capital-funded company was founded to provide a practical, cost-effective solution to debris tracking, management, and mitigation starting now, before the problem escalates.

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There is serious financial upside to space investing, and commercial space is inspiring a new generation of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. Your investment will be instrumental in making this happen. The fact is that space angels are investing in innovative ventures that will help launch humanity’s storyline off-planet.

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