Who Owns the Moon?
The Space Angels podcast |
May 29, 2018

Who Owns the Moon?

What rules exist to govern and grant property rights in space? What are you allowed to do and not do? And how are things changing as more new entrants join the space economy? To answer these questions, we spoke with Richard Garriott, a private astronaut and famed video game developer. He is also the Vice Chairman of Space Adventures, a trustee of the XPRIZE Foundation, a Fellow of the Explorers Club, and an advisor for our venture fund, Space Capital. But Richard’s credentials are not the reason we’ve invited him to the podcast—Richard is the first person to credibly claim ownership of extraterrestrial territory.

Show Notes

  • When it comes to establishing property rights and “land use” permits off-planet, the space industry is faced with an unprecedented challenge.
  • If no one owns the moon, can anyone make money up there? (New York Times)
  • How property rights in outer space may lead to a scramble to exploit the moon’s resources (Washington Post)
  • Similarly, whether companies can assert property rights over resources extracted from an asteroid has thus been an open question. (Bloomberg)
  • Why the Outer Space Treaty remains valid and relevant in the modern world (The Space Review)


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