Accion Systems

Funded on
September 2016
Accion Systems is developing revolutionary ion beam propulsion technologies for satellites. Accion’s proprietary systems are light, powerful, and affordable––and extend both the capabilities and the operating lifetimes of the satellites on which they’re installed.

Innovative ideas

  • Accion propulsion systems are some of the first that can add maneuverability and lifetime to small satellites.
  • Chip-based system architecture can be manufactured in batches, lowering cost and increasing reliability.
  • Unique, scalable ion propulsion system (TILE) can enhance the capabilities of satellites up to 2000 kg.

BIG potential

  • Accion’s technology is not limited to commercial applications: The company received a US Department of Defense contract in 2015.
  • Accion’s system will serve a large and rapidly-growing market for advanced satellite capabilities.
  • Accion's unique propulsion system will enable nano- and micro-satellites to stay in orbit longer, phase (or space) their constellation, and provide precision pointing.


Natalya Bailey, PhD
Natalya Bailey, PhD
Co-founder & CEO
Louis Perna
Louis Perna
Co-founder & Lead Mechanical Engineer