Analytical Space

Funded on
September 2016
Analytical Space (ASI) is developing a cost-effective, high-throughput satellite data relay network. By deploying a constellation of CubeSat satellites with laser downlink capabilities, Analytical Space will provide clients an affordable way to relay a high volume of data from satellites back to Earth.  

Innovative ideas

  • ASI is developing the world's first high-throughput, optical (laser) smallsat data network.
  • Cubesat technology triples data throughput for remote-sensing customers at half the cost of current alternatives.
  • ASI can offer this significantly enhanced communications service to satellites already in-orbit using their existing RF transmitters.

BIG potential

  • Provides a valuable service to a rapidly-growing multi-billion-dollar market––at zero hardware investment to the customer.
  • ASI has received strong market validation and customer interest from a number of leading smallsat constellations.
  • Timing is everything, and the timing is right: A number of new satellite constellations are in development, and laser communications are just now becoming commercially viable.


Justin Oliveira
Justin Oliveira
Co-founder & CEO
Dan Nevius
Dan Nevius
Co-founder & COO