Funded on
December 2019

Arbol is revolutionizing farming insurance by removing information asymmetry with an insurance marketplace that is more sustainable than any before because it connects capital providers with actual data.

Innovative ideas

  • Arbol operates as a marketplace, connecting weather exposed entities with capital providers like insurers and asset managers
  • Arbol leverages smart contracts to sharply reduce operational costs by allowing users to create automated contracts that pay based on data.

BIG potential

  • Outside of large approved insurance providers (AIPs) that provide crop insurance, Arbol has few direct competitors. To mitigate this competition, Arbol is working to onboard a top-three AIP to provide insurance on their platform.
  • Arbol’s initial target market (US and Australian Agriculture) is forecasted to grow to $46.6B in 2023, but only represents a sliver of the total opportunity of providing parametric insurance to all weather exposed industries.


Siddhartha Jha
Siddhartha Jha
Ben Andre
Ben Andre