Astrobotic Technology

Funded on
May 2016
Astrobotic will be the first private company to regularly deliver payloads and communication services to the Moon––as such, the company is poised to redefine our relationship with our nearest celestial neighbor. Astrobotic’s Peregrine Lander will begin carrying customer payloads to the Moon’s surface in 2019.

Innovative ideas

  • Astrobotic’s visionary “rideshare” model enables other space startups to benefit from the company’s technology, and lowers the barrier to enter commercial space.
  • Astrobotic’s Griffin and Peregrine landers are built from industry-proven subsystems, and are specifically designed to accommodate customer payloads.
  • The company’s emphasis on customer service informs a smart, sustainable business model focused on reliability and partnership.

BIG potential

  • According to market assessments, lunar payload deliveries and transportation could be generating multiple billions in annual revenue by the year 2020.
  • The company’s partnerships with NASA’s Catalyst and Flight Opportunities program ensures continued technological refinement.
  • As a customer of Astrobotic, companies won’t need to build propulsion, navigation, or power systems into their payload––thereby reducing their own expenses. This makes Astrobotic an appealing lunar partner.


John Thornton
John Thornton
Dan Hendrickson
Dan Hendrickson
VP Business Development
William "Red" Whittaker
William "Red" Whittaker
Chairman & Chief Science Officer