ATLAS Space Operations

Funded on
June 2017
ATLAS is developing a network of RF satellite ground stations that offers reliable and secure delivery of big data from LEO satellites at one-third of the cost of legacy providers.

Innovative ideas

  • Affordable: The ATLAS ground station network uses cloud-hosted data processing, reducing the need for expensive on-site hardware. ATLAS offers RF capabilities for one-third the cost of legacy providers.
  • Fast: ATLAS has implemented optical communication capabilities into the network with a partnership with Laser Light Communications.
  • Secure: ATLAS’ proprietary software platform allows for secure transmission and access of data.

BIG potential

  • The increasing demand for affordable, capable, secure, and reliable ground infrastructure provides ATLAS with a large and rapidly-growing market.
  • ATLAS complements Space Angels’ existing portfolio companies by covering the whole communications market, including both optical and RF communication capabilities.
  • Founded by three former Air Force Officers and a software design expert who have over a century of combined experience in the satellite and space industry.


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Sean McDaniel
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