Because Learning

Funded on
January 2017
A space program for every school. Because Learning is the interactive STEM platform for any school to run experiments from Earth to space, leveraging the Spire Global Satellite Network.

Innovative ideas

  • Because Learning provides an open platform for students to engage in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).
  • Because Learning space kits (hardware) and eHub (software) make it easy for classrooms to run experiments in space.
  • Female founded and managed business focused on STEM education; not only is this a big opportunity for impact in the education space, but also a great opportunity for financial returns.

BIG potential

  • Only 39% of elementary school teachers in the US feel prepared to teach science, and three million STEM jobs in the US go unfilled due to a lack of skilled workforce, causing US corporations to now invest over $350 billion annually in education (mostly STEM).
  • Strong market validation: Because Learning's hardware and software products are selling, with strong revenue and sales pipeline. Current customers are extremely pleased.
  • Strong competitive advantage: Because Learning has exclusive use of Spire Global’s satellite constellation, which allows them to run in-space experiments.


Sunny Washington
Sunny Washington
Founder & CEO
Kevin Cocco
Kevin Cocco