Funded on
July 2019
FluroSat is an integrated analytics platform that leverages imagery, agronomic models, weather, and IoT data, to provide conclusive insight to agronomists.

Innovative ideas

  • The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) estimates that the global population will grow 35% over the next 35 years. To avoid a Malthusian crisis, agricultural production needs to increase. Historically, humans have managed to grow output by increasing acreage and through genetic engineering. For the current wave of population growth, innovation in precision agriculture is needed to meet the surging demand for food.

BIG potential

  • FluroSat’s analytics engine, FluroSense, has processed 10m+ hectares of data, integrated 3 agronomic algorithms, and incorporated ProductionWise, one of the leading farm management software companies in Australia.
  • FluroSense is already delivering insight to some of the largest agribusinesses in the world, with customers like Nutrien, Nufarm, Netafim, and Cargill.
  • Like all ML/AI based platforms, FluroSense gets smarter with each additional data point. With existing models improving and new applications being developed, customers are further incentivized to use the platform, creating a powerful flywheel.


Dr. Anastasia Volkoa
Dr. Anastasia Volkoa
CEO and Founder
Juan Delard de Rigoulières Mantelli
Juan Delard de Rigoulières Mantelli
James Rabey
James Rabey