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June 2018
GHGSat launched the first satellite capable of measuring greenhouse gas and other toxic emissions at an order of magnitude cheaper than aircraft-based or human-based solutions. Their mission is to become the global reference for remote sensing of greenhouse gas, air quality gas, and other trace gas emissions from any source in the world.

Innovative ideas

  • ‍GHGSat offers custom analysis, using GHGSat satellite imagery and other sources, on an exclusive basis to each customer, in much the same way as environmental consulting services are offered today
  • Monitoring services are delivered using a patented, proprietary multi-platform system for collecting emissions data, and unique algorithms ingesting both GHGSat and third-party data to generate valuable operational, environmental, health & safety, and regulatory insights, as well as market and government intelligence for their customers
  • GHGSat’s satellite is the first in the world capable of measuring air emissions from targeted industrial facilities

BIG potential

  • GHGSat launched its first high-resolution satellite platform (“Claire”) for in June 2016
  • Claire has measured emissions from over 2,000 sources to date
  • Current customers include Boeing, Conoco-Philips, and others
  • Addressing a multibillion dollar market across oil and gas, power generation, coal mining, waste management, and agriculture


Stephane Germain
Stephane Germain