HawkEye 360

Funded on
September 2018
HawkEye 360 is developing a new, geospatial information solution that will use radio frequency (RF) technology to help monitor transportation across air, land and sea and assist with emergencies.

Innovative ideas

  • The company’s constellation of small satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) will collect information on specific radio signals worldwide to provide high-precision radio frequency mapping and analytics.
  • The platform aims to translate RF signals into actionable intelligence.
  • It does this by monitoring RF signals with small satellites, performing proprietary signals and data processing, combining other information sources, and translating this data into intelligence through an analytics platform.

BIG potential

  • HawkEye 360's planned low Earth orbit (LEO) constellation will collect information on specific radio signals worldwide, enabling high-precision RF mapping and analytics that can be customized to clients’ need.
  • The HawkEye 360 network will be used for monitoring aerial, terrestrial and maritime activities – notably ships that have their Automatic Identification System (AIS) turned off.
  • Hawkeye 360 is the first spectrum-based geo-analytics provider with rapid monitoring capabilities. With its full constellation in place, the company reduces revisit rates from 24 hours to 12 minutes.


John Serafini
John Serafini
Chris Demay
Chris Demay
Beau Jarvis
Beau Jarvis
Chief Revenue Officer