Oxford Space Systems

Funded on
May 2017
Oxford Space Systems (OSS) is designing and delivering innovative, scalable satellite structures that save significantly in both build and launch costs.

Innovative ideas

  • Oxford Space Systems is developing a series of deployable structures for satellites including, deployable panels, flexible composite boom systems, and large deployable antennas
  • Combining new and traditional materials with an agile approach, OSS structures yield significant savings in weight, volume, and cost
  • The OSS team contains a diverse range of world-class expertise in the fields of aerospace, mechanical, electrical, and thermal engineering for the space environment

BIG potential

  • Significant product development progress including completion of a successful launch of a deployable boom structure in 2016
  • OSS has attractive exit opportunities. To minimize risk, it is common practice for established satellite manufacturers to acquire companies once their products have achieved in-orbit validation.
  • OSS is strategically located in Europe, which offers many advantages including higher barriers to entry and being free from ITAR policy. Specifically, OSS is based at the UK Space Center in Harwell which houses over 67 space companies and has extensive resources and test facilities.


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Mike Lawton
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