Funded on
July 2019
Picterra is an AI-based SaaS business driven by a community of users who pool their data and expertise, collectively creating the largest library of deep learning algorithms.

Innovative ideas

  • While investors have realized that tremendous value lies in extracting insight from earth observation data using AI/ML, they have placed their bets in companies with strategic myopia and difficult to scale business models.  Some offer more flexibility than others, giving users the ability to manipulate data and deploy their own models, most can be characterized as “information product” companies. Typically, these companies deliver reports or metrics derived from the company’s own models, focusing on end-users within specific verticals. Today, the “information product” business model makes sense because EOD is incredibly difficult to derive actionable insight from. With customers overwhelmed by data dimensionality and size, it’s easier to rely on a consultant than to attempt and build processes for analyzing EOD internally. However, for EOD to have a mass-market impact like location-based services, we think the end-user must expand beyond data scientists and developers.

BIG potential

  • Picterra’s ambition is to give everyone, not just data scientists and developers, the opportunity to interactively create a personalized AI capable of detecting, counting and identifying any objects and at any scale from satellite and aerial imagery, all in just a few clicks.
  • Picterra is not only an AI-based SaaS business, but a community of users who pool their know-how, their expertise and their vision of the world to collectively create the largest library of deep learning algorithms of the world.
  • The company’s long-term vision is to create a “self-learning library of geospatial information”, a search engine for the Earth surface, and create a new source of information to help humanity make better-informed decisions to protect our global ecosystem.


Pierrick Poulenas
Pierrick Poulenas
Co-Founder & CEO
Frank de Morsier
Frank de Morsier
Co-Founder & CTO