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April 2015
Planet (formerly Planet Labs) is a satellite company focused on Earth-imaging cubesats. As owner and operator of the largest private satellite fleet in orbit, Planet has positioned itself to be the world’s foremost provider of up-to-date, detailed images of our Earth’s surface.

Innovative ideas

  • The company’s nimble cubesat network enables unprecedented revisit rates––Planet is able to image the entire surface of the Earth every 24 hours.
  • Planet’s cloud-based Platform is the first automatic satellite imagery pipeline available, cost-effectively delivering data to users at a high rate of speed.
  • Planet’s Monitoring service allows subscribers to receive updated satellite images of an area of interest every 24 hours.

BIG potential

  • Planet’s satellite services can be employed by an enormous range of industries, and appeal to commercial, civil, and military audiences alike.
  • Increased worldwide demand for remote sensing capabilities will solidify Planet’s position as the go-to company for Earth imaging services.
  • The strategic acquisition of Google’s SkySat high-res satellite fleet broadens Planet’s product line, opening up new applications and potential sources of revenue.


Will Marshall
Will Marshall
Co-founder & CEO
Robbie Schingler
Robbie Schingler
Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Tom Barton
Tom Barton