Funded on
February 2018
SkyWatch is applying Big Data to Remote Sensing, making data accessible to everyone on Earth in minutes.

Innovative ideas

  • SkyWatch is enabling a new era in Earth observation data consumption by providing easy access to an ecosystem of industry-leading sources in a simple and intuitive manner.
  • The SkyWatch platform was built with the goal of enabling any software developer in the world to integrate satellite data into their software in 60 seconds or less.
  • SkyWatch provides an API through which external users can access various type of Earth observation data in high volumes and fast throughput.

BIG potential

  • The missing piece in the value chain: There are hundreds of satellite imagery providers and data analytics providers. Skywatch is the missing link that connects all of the data providers with all of the analytics providers in a single marketplace.
  • Increasing adoption of satellite data: Many end-users across different industries (Agriculture, Energy, Insurance, Finance, etc.) wait on the sidelines because of the cost and risk associate with committing to any single data provider. By aggregating hundreds of data sources and analytics providers, customers can access the entire ecosystem for a fraction of the cost.
  • Experienced management team with over 65 years of combined experience in the Space and Big Data industries.


James Slifierz
James Slifierz
Dexter Jagula
Dexter Jagula
Joel Cumming
Joel Cumming
Graham Stickler
Graham Stickler