Funded on
April 2019
SpeQtral is transforming the world’s networks for the quantum revolution by developing and deploying space-based quantum networks for global delivery of secure encryption keys.

Innovative ideas

  • Quantum computing technology is advancing rapidly, creating a problem for secure communications that rely on the supposed mathematical complexity of asymmetric encryption keys.
  • SpeQtral seeks to leverage quantum technologies to offer cheaper, more secure, and more scalable solutions for distributing symmetric encryption keys using satellites as trusted key exchanging nodes.

BIG potential

  • Outside of the Chinese government, no entity has developed a space-based QKD solution for secure communication. There are competitors with ground-based solutions but space-based methods, like those developed by SpeQtral, are more secure and offer better performance.
  • It is estimated that cyber-attacks cost the US economy $100bn annually. With quantum computing technology advancing rapidly and current encryption methods becoming obsolete, this figure could increase without a scalable solution like the one SpeQtral is developing.


Chune Yang Lum
Chune Yang Lum
Co-Founder and CEO
Dr. Robert Bedington
Dr. Robert Bedington
Co-Founder and CTO
David Mitlyng
David Mitlyng