Totum Labs

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March 2019
Leveraging game-changing technology developed by Ted Myers and Dr. Andrew Viterbi (founder of Qualcomm), Totum Labs is launching an IOT satellite constellation with 200x more capacity than typical IoT satellite operators and the ability to provide indoor coverage of assets.

Innovative ideas

  • As all in the industry agree, there is massive demand for ubiquitous connectivity at the right price point. However, there is no clear path to achieve such ubiquity at the required price point
  • Indoor Coverage - building a ubiquitous Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network terrestrially is incredibly expensive ($80B for global indoor coverage)
  • Capacity/Scalability - creating a network that can become profitable on very low subscription rates is not achievable by any of the current set of terrestrial or satellite WANs

BIG potential

  • Consider the commercial and societal value of globally tracking children, pets, luggage, pallets, drones, and low-cost consumer devices. Also consider the value of telemetry data from, trashcans, streetlights, environmental sensors, containers on a ship or truck (and individual pallets and packages inside), appliances, smoke detectors, and alarm systems all connected wirelessly into a single ubiquitous global network.
  • Totum Labs technology will uniquely service devices globally, located indoors, at the right subscription and communication module price, with very small device footprint including embedded antennas. As such, the proposed system will not only be an LPWA solution, but the only Low Power Global Area (LPGA) solution.


Ted Meyers
Ted Meyers