Ursa Major Technologies

Funded on
November 2017
Ursa Major is developing high performing, 3D-printed rocket engines at a fraction of the cost of traditional engines.

Innovative ideas

  • Ursa Major is changing the landscape of modern spaceflight by enabling launch providers to purchase reliable, high-performing rocket engines on demand.
  • A lacking supply chain has forced modern launch providers to vertically integrate complex systems which has caused bloated team sizes and unnecessary operating expenses. By using 3D-printing technology, Ursa can create high-performing, cost-competitive, and off-the-shelf rocket engines for both small and large launch vehicles.
  • Ursa Major has completed development of its “Hadley” engine which provides 5,000 lbs of thrust, and has begun working on its second-generation “Ripley” engine which provides 35,000 lbs of thrust.

BIG potential

  • Large market potential: The global launch industry is expected to be worth over $5.5B in 2017, driven by the growing number of small satellite constellations
  • Significant customer traction with first customer engine delivered
  • Experienced management team consisting of former SpaceX and Blue Origin engineers


Joe Laurienti
Joe Laurienti
David Gregory
David Gregory
Nick Doucette
Nick Doucette