Funded on
September 2016
Vector provides affordable and reliable access to space by combining dedicated low-cost micro satellite launch (Vector Launch) and software-defined satellites (Galactic Sky) to dramatically increase access and speed to orbit. Vector is on track to begin commercial flights of their Vector-R (Rapide) rocket in 2018.

Innovative ideas

  • Vector is the only commercial launch provider that caters exclusively to microsatellites.
  • The company’s Vector Rapide (Vector-R) & Vector Heavy (Vector-H) vehicles will be the smallest launch vehicles on the market.
  • The Vector-R is designed with high launch frequency in mind (100+ flights annually), and both vehicles feature reusable first stages.

BIG potential

  • There is a high demand for Vector’s services: The market for microsatellites is expected to average a 20% CAGR through 2020.
  • The company has shown substantial technical progress in a short period of time (30+ suborbital test flights of scaled vehicle, two full-scale engine tests, full-scale engineering unit of orbital vehicle, and much more).
  • Vector’s contracts with NASA ensure continued progress and system refinement.


Jim Cantrell
Jim Cantrell
Co-founder & CEO
John Garvey
John Garvey
Co-founder & CTO
Shaun Coleman
Shaun Coleman
Co-founder & GM
Dr. Eric Besnard
Dr. Eric Besnard
Co-founder & VP Engineering