Space Angels Network Rebrands As Space Angels—Launches New Website


New York, May 4th, 2017—Over the past 10 years, Space Angels Network has been a source of tremendous insight and support within the entrepreneurial space sector, facilitating growth by both educating the investor community and channeling smart capital to the most promising space startups. During this time, Space Angels has cemented its position at the forefront of early-stage space investing—even as the world has seen the private space sector legitimize itself through the ever-quickening pace of commercial space achievements. As a result, Space Angels has earned a reputation as a true value-added investor for the ventures who have successfully secured its involvement. Perhaps most importantly, Space Angels has been instrumental in educating the market and in making space more accessible to mainstream investors.

With its profile raising in lockstep with the private space sector, it became increasingly clear that it was time to set the company's sights higher. Space Angels has aimed to build upon the foundation already laid, in order to best position itself to attract new capital to the sector and continue funding the growing number of quality space ventures in its pipeline.

"Because of the exponential growth of the private space sector in recent years," says Space Angels CEO, Chad Anderson, "we felt that that it was time to refine our message and marketing strategy to ensure that we continue to be a voice of leadership as the industry continues to evolve and mature."

To develop its marketing strategy, lead its rebranding initiative, and manage its outreach going forward, Space Angels retained Lenker Consulting (, an award-winning marketing consultancy led by John Lenker.

"I realized almost immediately that Space Angels is more than a mere network," says Lenker, "in that it also encompasses a powerful investing platform, an association of investors with a unique set of motivations, and a set of ideals that are truly powerful."

To reflect this reality, Space Angels Network will be known only as Space Angels going forward. Its new tagline is: Explore | Invest | Ascend. Its new URL is

According to its new brand platform, Space Angels believes that—beyond offering the opportunity for potentially out-of-this-world returns—space investing also offers access to both adventure and meaning. 

"We're tapping into the segment of the angel investor market that is looking for more meaningful investments," Anderson explains. "Early-stage investing always involves risk. But smart investments in space combine the potential for above market returns with the knowledge of meaningfully contributing to new and exciting space businesses that will help shape the future of humanity."

Through a robust and streamlined web platform, Space Angels offers unparalleled access and comprehensible intelligence to its accredited investor members—making it easy for them to discover, select, and invest in the best space startups. According to Anderson, their members belong to an "elite tribe of astropreneurs" who are in diligent pursuit of maximizing their personal net worth as well as their contribution towards advancing the interests of humanity as we extend our reach across the universe. 



Space Angels is a global network of angel investors focused exclusively on early-stage commercial space ventures. Led by CEO Chad Anderson, Space Angels' unique and powerful web platform makes it easy for accredited investor members to discover, select, and invest in the best space startups on (or off) the planet.


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