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Why Choose Space Angels?

Quite simply: Space Angels makes it easy, aspirationally fulfilling, and economically rewarding for our members to invest in space.

Space Angels Has a Capable Crew

Guided by an expert team of seasoned space investors, Space Angels is a known quantity amongst industry players and those already “in the know.” Led by Chad Anderson—an internationally-recognized authority on early-stage space investing—Space Angels has assembled a team of top-tier talent drawn from a comprehensive array of private equity and space technology environments.

Effective Strategy

Space Angels’ singular focus on early-stage space ventures puts it in the position to weed out unqualified opportunities and offer only the most high-potential deals to its members. By performing uncommonly robust due diligence, informed by decades of industry experience, Space Angels helps demystify complex information and makes it easy for its members to understand the real risks and rewards associated with each and every deal it offers.

the Best Opportunities

Because Space Angels is 100% focused on early-stage space ventures, we maintain the most comprehensive, insightful perspective regarding all available deals. This knowledge provides members a 360-degree view of the space venture landscape. The depth and breadth of information that we hold is so extensive, that angel investors would be hard pressed to find a better source for qualified space deals anywhere on (or off) the planet.

Space Angels Provides the Best Platform

We've spent years developing a world-class platform that provides the most seamless investing experience—making it unbelievably easy for our members to research and make investments.

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Space Angels ... 

  • Provides access to opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible to the average angel investor. By becoming a Space Angels member, investors are able to take part in the space renaissance in a meaningful way.
  • Creates a comprehensible, thorough-yet-concise, and compelling context for each deal, which our our members find to be unparallelled in the world of angel investing.
  • Offers the best deal facilitation in the industry. Our unique investment platform enables investor-members to easily invest in the most qualified, early-stage space deals around.
  • Incubates and nurtures relationships between members, as well as between members and some of the most prominent figures in the aerospace industry. This is a benefit to our portfolio companies, and makes them more valuable.
  • Counts some big-name players among its members. By surrounding itself with exciting, forward-thinking individuals, Space Angels provides members a sense of possibility and inclusion.
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Space Angels OFFERS the greatest Adventure

Of course, there are risks with early-stage investing—there’s no getting around that. This reality, coupled with the novelty of entrepreneurial space, should make you cautious about moving forward with space investing.

That's why Space Angels works so diligently to provide you with the most qualified deals, rational analysis, and most comprehensible information available. We aim for nothing less than to help you make smart investments in the soundest, most exciting early-stage space ventures in the industry.

There is no doubt—commercial space is now a viable option for your private equity investing. We look forward to hearing about your unique interests and needs soon.

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