Space Angels members gain access to expert diligence and high-potential investment opportunities across the space ecosystem.

Our accomplished team sources and presents exclusive deals, giving members the ability to easily build and manage their venture portfolio through our platform.

Space Angels’ thematic focus and domain expertise means more value for entrepreneurs, better deal management, and ultimately an enhanced ROI for investors.


Space Angels makes it easy for accredited investors to diversify their portfolio to include high-potential venture capital investments. Our world-class investment platform provides access to vetted investment opportunities, easily digestible information, and a streamlined closing process.

Investment platform

Membership provides access to our exclusive investment platform, with comprehensive deal rooms, to make intelligent investment decisions, and a streamlined closing process.

Deal curation

The best, highly-curated investment opportunities in the space industry. In total, we invest in just 1% of the companies we evaluate.

Rewards program

Our ASCEND Program rewards Space Angels members for activity throughout the year. As you gain status, your access and opportunities grow.

World-class information

We offer unparalleled information and expertise to help our investors. The Space Angels management team and subject area experts from within our network offer the highest standard of professional and comprehensive analysis.

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Space Angels members are accredited investors seeking curated access to first-rate venture opportunities across the space ecosystem.

  1. An accredited investor, as defined by your home country
  2. Investing on behalf of yourself or a family portfolio
  3. Not affiliated with an aerospace company
  4. Not a fund manager looking for deal flow
  5. Completed membership application with accurate information


Space Angels

Insider access

Space Angels’ world-class platform gives investors institutional-level access to investment opportunities, along with valuable intelligence providing context and understanding. The easy-to-use web platform allows members to browse, evaluate, and fund investment opportunities in a few clicks.


First-class information

The deep expertise and institutional knowledge of Space Angels’ management team bolsters every investment we make, increasing companies’ ability to attract top talent, raise capital, unlock partnerships and achieve attractive ROIs. Members are informed of deals and developments in a clear and timely manner through the platform.

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ASCEND is an exclusive program for Space Angels members which rewards you for your activity throughout the year. Points earned will change your status and will give you preferred access to personalized insights and special investment opportunities. Points never expire and you can use them for investing, whether through lowering your investment minimum or discounting the carry fee.

Access to deals via Space Angels investment platform

Access to historical data, market intelligence, and quarterly industry calls

ASCEND Program rewards you for your member activity

Decrease minimum needed for an investment

Discounted carry for investing

Access to portfolio management services and company updates

Dedicated investment strategy and management by Space Angels team

Exclusive access to fast-moving, off-platform, opportunistic deals

Dedicated investment strategy and management by CEO

Early access to deals







Complete membership application


Application goes to membership committee


Committee reviews corroborating information, applicant affiliations, and investment accreditation


Space Angels membership approved and platform access granted

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