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Why Invest In Space?

As an angel investor, you want to make a meaningful impact as much as you want to make a 30x return. When you make smart investments in space, you could accomplish both while experiencing the adventure of a lifetime. Space Angels provides the perfect platform to help you make it happen.

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Why Space Angels?

Space Angels provides unparalleled access to the best early-stage space ventures on (or off) the planet. Our platform makes it easy for angels to understand and invest in these deals and to connect and interact—not only with other members, but also with the Astropreneurs who are shaping our future in space.

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Expedition 18

"Venture capital firms pay attention to where Space Angels is placing its bets. This speaks volumes of their reputation, network, and intellect."


"Space Angels is a valuable organization for keeping me in touch with the space market and its emerging players."


"Space Angels' recruitment, diligence, and investment processes are well organized and produce high value results."

Jim Cantrell
CEO, Vector Space Systems

"Space Angels has assisted in raising additional capital and also provided other value-added services to help build our business."


"Organizations like Space Angels are critical to link new investors to credible opportunities in commercial space."

Jeffrey Manber
CEO, NanoRacks

"I personally can’t build these rockets, satellites and spaceships, but at least I can help to finance them. I want to tell my kids, ‘I was there when it all got started."

Nathan Kaiser