Space Angels offers accredited investors access to curated insights and premium investment opportunities in the space economy, along with a sophisticated platform for managing their portfolio.


Our world-class platform provides a seamless investing experience, making it easy for accredited investors to make intelligent investment decisions. We provide robust tools to track individual company progress, construct a diversified portfolio, and measure performance over time.


ASCEND is Space Angels’ exclusive program rewarding members for activity throughout the year. As you gain status, your access and opportunities grow, unlocking special investment opportunities, personalized support, and discounts.

Effective Strategy

As an established investor in the space economy, Space Angels has the most discerning and comprehensive view of this unique investing landscape, allowing us to guide accredited investors toward intelligent decisions.

High-potential Opportunities

We maintain an informed and comprehensive perspective regarding available deals, investing in the top 1% of opportunities. Diligence is conducted by our expert team who have decades of industry experience and exhaustive networks.

First-line Information

The depth and breadth of insights that we hold is extensive and expert. We share this industry intelligence in a clear and accessible way with members so they can make informed decisions about their investments.



Space technology is both an exciting and practicable option for venture investing. Space Angels works earnestly to provide members with qualified investment opportunities, rational analysis, and comprehensible information, with added rewards. With $35 million of funds under management, Space Angels leads the way in making smart investments in the most compelling and credible space ventures in the industry. Some of these space venture investments have included SpaceX, Arbol, Mobius Labs, and more.